Saturday, 21 May 2011


It's all about choices people, when it comes to fashion you choose what you like but it's always between one colour or another, between one size or another, between one print and another and so on. I always find our choices depend on three things, no.1 what we want as an individual, no.2 what other people/friends will think and no.3 the choice we end up choosing tells us one thing which is were not afraid of change. So this post is about me making that change but I'm reluctant at the same time, once you read below you'll understand why I'm unsure of this change.   

Usually I'm so quick to choose how I'll have my hair in the summer but I have to say this year has been tricky. When it comes to summer no doubt I always have my hair short and funky, as it's just so easy to manage and maintain. However, having long and sexy hair isn't a bad shout either, I just find I get bored a lot quicker when it's long and I find the styles very limited. So here's the deal, thanks to the great inspiration and influence that is the mega superstar Rihannah  I've decided to either dye my hair bright red and trim it up a bit or get bright red hair extensions/weave with a side fringe. So why am I reluctant you say? Well it's because EVERYONE has got this bright red hair! Take a look:

Cheryl Cole 

Hayley Williams (Paramore)

Cher Lloyd

Kat Von D

Scarlett Johanson 

It's not a bad thing that nearly everyone has this colour, it's just that I can't even open a magazine, surf the internet or go to my local shop without seeing someone new with this bright red hair craze. I guess the upside is it suits many skin tones. The celebrities above are rocking this hair colour so why can't I?

Having Rihannah as an influence has helped me understand when it comes to hair colour and fashion choices, being loud isn't a bad thing, it's more like a statement. I'm usually loud when it comes to the clothes I choose in terms of it's colour and print and when it comes to hair choices I'm loud in the sense I always change it up and I'm willing to try new things and experiment but I've never tried a new hair colour.

So I've decided it comes down to these two hairstyles:

 Short clean & tidy bright red hair

Long bright red weave 

I'll be sure to put up photos of what I end up choosing, here we go!

Lady T XxX

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