Friday, 31 December 2010

See you next year

Just a quick post to say see you all next year and let's make 2011 a stylish one. Raise your glass to 2011, bring it on, love to you all.

Lady T XxX

The boys are back in town

So after a lot of positive feedback from my friends (thank you all so much), my guy friends tell me I need to blogg on guys clothes, so here you go guys this ones for you. Here are 5 must haves in your wardrobe for 2011, have these items and boys not only will you be on trend and looking hot but the ladies will love you:

           Niel Barrett X Palladium Leather Military Boots £200

1) Military boots, now I know these boots are not for most guys but the ones that they are for listen up and listen good. The ones in the photos above are by Niel Barrett who is an amazing English fashion designer based in Milan, Italy. What I love about the military boot on guys are the options they can have in how it's worn, either folded over, tucked into jeans or trousers or go more conventionally over the top. 

                               Zara Jacquard Jacket Was £59.99 Now £39.99

 2) Make a statement with these festive alpine-feel chunky knit jumpers and cardigans. No matter how much you wanted to get away from them this year or you may even already have one in your wardrobe somewhere, these cool, quirky and old school cardigans and jumpers are a fashion must have in any guys wardrobe. Again, this kind of look may not be for all you guys out there but there are many different types to choose from so I'm sure you'll find one to suit your style. The best thing about these bad boys is that most of the funky archived designs are from the 1970's but have been  reissued just for 2000's and they will be around for a long time so think of these items of clothing as investment pieces. 

3) My personal favourite for the guys are Chinos. Why I love these so much is because they are just like jeans, you can dress them up or dress them down, you just need to know how to do so. I already know Chinos will be a spring/summer uniform so boys get yourself a pair, they are not as bad a they look (I promise). The good thing about them are the colours they come in and the different cuts, from straight, new relaxed and boot-cut, to vintage straight, skinny and new straight. 

4) Sunglasses, every guy looks hot in sunglasses they've just got to make sure they are wearing the right ones that suit their face shape. Most of the time guys go for the aviator because it's a safe option, so here are a couple of aviator glasses from my favourite sunglasses brand Ray Ban. Even though Ray Ban's are expensive they are a great investment piece, my brother-law has 3 pairs and he has had those for the last 20 years!

(In the photo the model is wearing two t-shirts the same one grey and one white)

5) Last but not least, a cool graphic or plain t-shirt. T-shirts have been around since the 19th century and I don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon, we all have a favourite t-shirt but stocking up on the plain basic t-shirts is not a bad idea. Remember guys t-shirts come in many different colours so don't be afraid to choose one other than black, white and grey, go for something that is going to complement your skin tone.

Here's to a stylish 2011 boys, raise your glass people.

Lady T XxX

New Years Eve, bring on 2011

With less than 9 hours to go until the big count down I'm sure every single one of you will be be looking fly tonight. 2010 for me has been a interesting year, after 3 long years I left a job with fantastic people who have become some of my closest & dearest friends, I've made some new friends that I'm very thankful for and some unexpected friendships have arisen, I feel very lucky to have a great group of friends that I love very much.  I had a break from work (which was amazing) and then I found a job that I really enjoy and I'm really good at (so I've been told). 

So what will 2011 bring for me? I plan on doing a number of things but the main thing I will concentrate on in 2011 is doing things that make me happy. I always find in life people always seem to do things for other people and to make other people comfortable (I do it all the time) and I always think to myself that's great but what about what you want? So I guess 2011 is going to be a selfish year for me and you know what I don't think that's a bad thing. So bring on 2011, I'll be a leader not a follower who will march to the beat of my own drum, love life & live it to the fullest, need I say more?

Lady T XxX

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Celebrity Style: Alexa Chung

A lot of my girlfriends love her and I'm not going to lie Alexa Chug's style grew on me (in a good way). Spotted as a model at 16 by Storm Model Management  in London Alexa's career kicked off in 2003 when she joined Channel 4's Popworld alongside co host Alex Zane. With one of the world's most quirky wardrobes and a Mulberry bag named in her honour, Alexa Chung has definitely become a British style icon in her own right. She has the ability to stay on trend with her own unique twist that only she can get away with and pull off, here are a couple of my favourite outfits of Miss Alexa Chung: (what a cool name)

Here we see Alexa showing off a cool edgy look with this sexy black leather skirt, Madewell grey sweatshirt sweater, Russell and Bromley Leopard print and hair calf bag and Calfskin leather sling-back shoes by Marni

Alexa Chung looks lovely and girly in this blue Whisteles lace dress and acceorized by this cool Chloe bag. 

Here we see Alexa looking cool and calm at a summer festival. Lacoste button-up shirt, Vivienne Westwood 3-stap sandals, Norma Kamali cat-eye sunglasses and Christian Louboutin leopard print fabric 'Lolita chain bag'.

Lady T XxX

Summer/Spring 2011 Topshop

Hello guys, how are we all? As I sit here and write this new post I'm listening to the very talented Hadleigh Ford who can sing anything and make it sound so beautiful. Check out his website and watch some of his videos and listen to his music. (My favourite song of his is Hardy's Lamet) Hadleigh performs every Tuesday evening at Edge in Romford, I'm a huge fan so you can always find me and my friends there every Tuesday melting away to his beautiful voice and listening to his written and composed music and some cool covers. Keep up the amazing work Hadleigh.

Ok let's talk fashion, Topshop have just announced on their website the first look for Spring/Summer 2011, December is not even over and were already looking at Summer clothes, I love it. So what do we have to look out for ladies? Take a look at the Spring/Summer collection and make up your own mind:

Topshop are calling this look "Homespun Handiwork". Full of beautiful detailing and delicate designs this look is all about the sexy lace both daytime and evening, crochet and cut-outs, handy in the summer when your clothes need to breath on those hot days (which we get a lot of here in England lol). So girls this means layering up. 

Here we have Topshop's "Print Overload" (My personal favourite). When it comes to prints I've narrowed it down to three types, 1) crazy eyes, these are the prints that make you dizzy but are really cool, 2) big and bold, the prints that get you noticed and say something about your personality and last but not least 3) low key but detailed prints, these are the prints that tell a story. When you think of prints the 70's seem to pop in mind with it's crazy graphics, playful polka dots and statement bold prints, a true fashionista would wear these all at once and get away with it. Prints are loads of fun so don't be afraid to experiment.

"Earthy Stones", what I love about this look is it's all natural, the colours from the ground, to the trees and sky, how we see this beautiful world we live in. There are lots of beautiful jewels on the Topshop website so have a look, I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy. 

"Colour Pop" when it comes to colour I'm the queen of colour. look inside my wardrobe and you'll find more colour there than you will at M&M's world in Times Square New York City. (And that's a fact). Spring/Summer time to me is all about bright, bold and playful colours, don't be afraid of it, I always find when it comes to clothes colour is my best friend rather than the safe option of black. Don't get me wrong I love black on clothes (who doesn't) but a splash of colour never hurt anyone.    

Waterfall Calf Length Skirt £40                        Premium Solstice Maxi Skirt £45

"The Midi Skirt" is the new hip skimming pleated skirts, so ladies if your anything like me and your hips don't lie, this skirt is a god send. If your curvy, choose finer pleats - they give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Always keeping the skirt at the calf length and wear tops tucked in to show off the the shape of the skirt and to define your waistline, these skirts are to show-off your ankles and your waist. Great with light crochet blouse.

MOTO Camel Flare Jeans £42                        MOTO Berry Kick Flare Jeans £42

And last but not least it's "The Kick Flare". The kick flare will kick us back into the 60's and 70's when they where called Bell-bottoms and then came back in the early 1990's as boot-cuts and flared trousers/jeans. I love the kick flare as it's all about the folk rocker feel, add a bold print top, and this years must have shoe the wedge heel and your good to go.

So ladies will you be on trend in Spring/Summer 2011? With so many looks to choose from how can you not ? :-)

Lady T XxX

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Celebrity style: Sienna Miller

We first caught glimpse of Sienna Miller when she burst onto our screens in the 2004 movie "Layer Cake". Although she had done previous work beforehand she was no stranger to the big screen. With a modelling career under her belt and a very successful clothing line her and her sister Savannah put together called Twenty8Twelve  which launched in 2006 and is backed by Pepe jeans, Sienna Miller is a women not to be unnoticed. Miller is associated with boho chic style which she has put her own stamp on. Here are a couple of cool and my favourite outfits of hers.

At the 2007 BAFTA Awards Sienna showed off her svelte figure in this beautiful clingy, sparkly, vintage Ungaro dress in grey. I love the open back, antique print and the gold Rodo shoes. 

Here we see Sienna wearing a cool and girly Mina dress which is available on the Mina website.  What I love about Sienna is how she can be beautiful and breathtaking on the red carpet, and still be cool and girly when being interviewed for her latest movie. 

The actress goes for a casual look in a baggy grey Division E tank top and pleated black Dries Van Noten trousers accessorised with a black and white printed scarf and green Chloe peep-toe pumps. 

Last but not least we see Sienna being cool in this casual outfit. Murray tank top by Twenty8Twelve, Analya blazer by Twenty8Twelve, Loewe Amazona bag, Nicholas Kirkwood  Oxfords shoes and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. 

Lady T XxX

Lauren Conrad Style

So Iv'e made a deal with myself that at the end of each month I'll buy myself a style/fashion book and write a review on it. So today's style book I'll be reviewing is "Lauren Conrad's Style". I bought this book as a little christmas present to myself and I also thought it would be an interesting read. We first saw Lauren appear on our screens in 2004 on MTV's reality TV show "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" after the series ended Lauren came back onto our screens in 2006 but this time it was on MTV's hit reality TV show "The Hills", ever since then let's just say the rest is stylish history.

Lauren Conrad is considered one of the most stylish women in Hollywood, ever since we saw her on our MTV screens girls and women everywhere wanted to tune in not just for the drama, but to see what Miss Conrad would be wearing and how she would be wearing it. Ever since the show ended Lauren has launched her own clothing line self tilted LC by Lauren Conrad which is available at Khols in the USA and also bought out her own style book this year. 

                    "the secret to looking fabulous and having fun with fashion"

The book is packed full of beautiful photographs and fun playful outfits, it's a great style guide with Lauren's guidance. Lauren discusses her experiences in the fashion industry and what she has learned from it. My favourite section of the book was the fashion credits which is a break down of every single outfit that Lauren is wearing through out the book in each photo, I love it because it shows how open Lauren's wardrobe was, she had clothes from all kinds of retail stores.

The book starts off with wardrobe essentials: the white-collared shirt, the black boots, the dark-wash jeans, skirt, black heels, coat, blazer, white and black tops and of course the little black dress. Lauren then gives tips and tricks for your everyday classics: how to find the perfect pair of jeans, mixing patterns, how to find a flattering casual t-shirt. There are also chapters where she looks at makeup and jewellery.  

The chapter sections in the book are very clever and useful. There are sections on understanding your wardrobe, what to pack when traveling for the weekend or a summer holiday and how to shop. I found the book a fun read and I have learned some cool tricks that I'll use in the near future, the photos are cool to look at and there are a lot of variety of photos.
RRP, £14.99 hardcover. 

I'm going to rate this book 7 out of 10.

Lady T XxX

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day, New Years Eve outfits

Hello guys, how are we all? I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and your enjoying your Boxing day. Glam up the New Year's eve parties with head-turning statement outfits. From fashion-forward outfits to out of this world makeup and sexy hairdos, I've chosen a couple of outfits at great prices which I believe will get you noticed.

Playsuits/Jumpsuits are the new dresses:
That's right people move over dresses (but never get rid of those dresses) and say hello to your new and most flattering best friend the playsuit and jumpsuit. Let me start off by explaining what the difference of each suit are and what body shape most suits them. A playsuit is  ALWAYS the shorter of the two suits, just imagine high-waisted shorts with any kind of top tucked in and hey presto, you have your playsuit. Playsuits are most likely to flatter the sexy ladies with the long sexy slim pins, add a pair of heels and wow your good to rock the world. If you don't like showing your legs don't worry add plain or funky tights, I'm a huge fan of Henry Holland and the Pretty Polly tights

A jumpsuit is ALWAYS the the longer of the two and there are many different types from wide-leg to skinny-fit and flared to baggy. I always find the jumpsuits flatter the petite ladies as I feel it makes them look so much taller once added with a great pair of heels (preferably Christian Louboutin). Remember people, knowing how to dress for your figure in fashion is a KEY fact I always stress to my friends and family. I wouldn't want a beautiful curvy lady trying to fit into a skinny-fit jumpsuit?!?! No, no, no, that will just show the world all your curves but not in a good way, instead opt for a wide leg jumpsuit in a dark colour as one colour from head to toe will be so much more flattering. If your a skinny petite lady you can wear the skinny-fit jumpsuit to show your figure or if your not that daring and want to add curves to your frame go for the sexy herem jumpsuit to add sexy curves. (I'll go through different types for harem pants in 2011). If you've never tried any of the suits ladies fear not, I promise you're guaranteed to find at least one that floats your style.
ASOS 2 In 1 Tailored Playsuit, Was £40 Now £20

This sexy ASOS tailored jumpsuit is a great piece for any season. This features a 2 in 1 design with a contrasting wrap front top with ASOS structured shoulders and smart tailored shorts with cuffed hem. Great for girls with tanned or dark skin as the yellow will stand out beautifully on their skin tone. Dry clean only, 100% Viscose

French Connection Silky Sacha Jumpsuit, Was £170  Now £55
This beautiful French Connection crepe silk jumpsuit is all about  the amazing embellishment detail on the shoulders. When it comes to clothes I'm a sucker for great detail, the jumpsuit features a pretty rose detail located on the shoulders which gives it a sweet feminine touch and is also great for evening wear with sexy heels and a bright clutch. With a very low plunge V-neck at the front and back, I think it's best not to wear a bra or if your not comfortable with not wearing a bra, I would recommend a sexy and daring black lace bra. The jumpsuit also has a elasticated waistband with an optional self-tie sash. Dry Clean only, 100% Silk.

Dresses are a girls best friend:
I'm a huge fan when it comes to dresses and as this blogg (hopefully) evolves I'll be doing a post on my passion, dresses. With over 150 dresses in my wardrobe (yes 150 dresses) which are ever growing, if any of my girlfriends ever need a dress, they'll come and find me as I'm always happy to help. 

Mango Dress SC - Caponata, Was £134.90 Now £89.90

I'm absolutely in love with this Mango Capotana dress and it's Marabu feathers. This year we saw a lot of textured garments whether it be feathers, fringes, roses or even raw meat (thank you Lady GaGa) I believe this type of dress is bound to get you noticed at any party especially a new years eve party. This would best suit girls who have a straight boyish up and down figure, only because it adds a little more hip-action with the feathers. If you have wide hips (like me, which over time I've embraced) it will only draw attention to how big your hips are. The Capotana dress will look great on both skin types, the sleeveless dress has a silky flowy feel to it and is great with or without tights. 100% Viscose, hand wash at 30°C.

H&M Red maxi-dress, £29.99

If your not a legs kind of girl fear not, maxi dresses are here to the rescue and guess what? Any body shape can own this dress and look absolutely breathtaking. Although this dress is not on sale (I really don't care and neither should you) the great thing about H&M are it's ridiculously good prices. £29.99 is a great bargain for this beautiful flattering satin maxi dress. The bold colour looks great on all skin types especially my pale sisters out there, love the skin your in because this dress on your skin and bright red lips to match is a show stopper on it's own. Pair it up with flesh coloured or black gladiator sandals. 100% polyester, machine wash 40°C.

Show-stopping shoes:
Now no outfit is complete without a great pair of sexy heels. Towards the end of this year I fell deeply in love with Christian Louboutin, his shoes are so unique and have the trade mark red sole which to me makes them the most recognizable designer shoes in the fashion industry.  The first time I noticed these amazing shoes was earlier on this year in June when Jennifer Hudson's - Spotlight music video came to our screens and ever since then I've followed his work, every women before they die should at least walk or own a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin shoes. So here are three of my favorite sky-high heels for your New Years Eve party.

KG by Kurt Guiger Echinacea Was£130 Now £109
My favorite heels at the moment are these KG by Kurt Geiger Echinacea. The eye catching statement sassy heels come in many different colours. The detachable huge leather bow gives you two looks in one as you can remove/add it depending on your mood and of course your outfit! Available In: Red, Black, Leopard print and nude. Inside heel height approximately 130mm.

Christian Louboutin, Rolandzip 120 suede platform pumps, £495

These edgy bad boy heels are bound to have people asking you "You do know there is a zip on your heel?". And if people do ask then just smile and say "thank you" and walk off fiercely in your heels.  A mixture of tough and elegant, Christian Louboutin's zip-embellished black suede pumps are the definition of tough luxe. Heel height approximately 120mm with a 1 inch platform.

ASOS TURN IT UP Suede Ruched Peep Toe Shoe Boots Was £55 Now £39

These cool taupe suede shoe boots are are a great asset to any girls shoe collection. Perfect for the party of the year with a sexy ruched effect, shoe boots like these are great all year round. Heel height approximately 13cm with a 1.1 inch platform.

So there you have it ladies and gents, a couple of ideas on what to wear at your upcoming New Years Eve party.

Happy Boxing day
Lady T XxX