Friday, 20 May 2011

Quarter of a century

That's right people I hit the big 25 and you know what? It was great! My birthday week was mental, everyday was non-stop but I loved it and I definitely felt all the love from my family and my amazing and wonderful friends (who I'm so lucky to have). The week started on a Friday supporting the boys, come Saturday it was all about being around my loved ones both friends and family surprised me with an amazing birthday lunch, presents and of course amazing weather. Sunday came and it was all about Essex fashion week, Tuesday was a lovely day in London watching The Graham Norton Show and the big day finally arrived where we got to party at the amazing Beach Blanket Babylon cocktail lounge in Shoreditch. 

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who kept my birthday going that week with their surprises, quality time, diners, lunches and of course the partying, I'm looking forward to being 25, I say bring it on!
Sharan & I  Club Hidden supporting DJ Ham & Towey  

The amazing birthday lunch my sister made me courtesy of Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals 
(This is one of my favorite meals HANDS DOWN!) 

   Homemade birthday carrot cake, yummy

Club Luxe in Loughton, getting ready for Essex fashion week

Had to put this photo on here, my partner in crime in Tesco looking glamorous

Inside club Luxe

A little birthday surprise from my girl Danielle, we went to see The Graham Norton show with guests Hugh Laurie, Robert Pattinson & the beautiful and stylish Reese Witherspoon 
(Is it strange that I was more excited to see Reese than Robert? Nah, I didn't think so) 

Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch 


Sharan & my boy Rana

Taj & Rana, miss my boys loads and loads

The Snowbombing girls

My beautiful, funny and silly Banana Republic girls, Heea, Fiona and Barbara


Lady T XxX

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