Sunday, 29 January 2012

River Island - I'm obsessed (no seriously, I'm obsessed)

Stripes, bright colours, bold prints, heels, flowers, aztec and those Versace style looks I just can't get enough of. I had to share this post with you because this week I've been River Island at least 4 times and every time I go I seem to fall in love with it more and more. The prices are decent and the quality is great for what your paying for. So what have I chosen your thinking? Well if you know me, you know I love an outfit than can make a statement (And why the hell not?!?!) as life is too short for boring clothes. Whether I'm casually walking down the beach in Santa Monica, getting ready for a night out in Times Square or just going out to the Sugar Hut, there is an outfit for every occasion from what I've selected. Here are a lot of items not a few lol of what I'm loving in River Island, let me know what you think my sexy fashionista's.
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of River Island, I did not take these photos, they are from the website).

I think these heels are so beautiful, I don't have any white heels and what I love about them is they are classy but funky at the same time. A MUST HAVE on my shoe list. 

These are an essential for my summer wardrobe. Love the colour, the price and wedge shoes are very comfortable.

When I saw these jeans only one women came to mind... Rihannah in her "Rude boy" video. I love the statement print as you can just put a simple top and jacket because there is a lot going on, on your bottom half. A pair of sexy black heels or for a more casual comfortable look your simple pumps or converse, it's your choice ladies, but wherever you go, you'll be sure to turning some heads.

Stripes galore, I just can't get enough, no matter what colour I want and I want them now. You can call me Beetlejuice if you want and that's cool, but I just love how they look if they are done right. Keeping it black and white is keeping it clean and classy. Don't be afraid ladies, remember vertical stripes will make you look longer and streamline skinny.

As I was saying I love stripes or have you forgotten already. These cool and very trendy skinny jeans are perfect for a festival in the summer and don't worry if your not as daring as I am with my colour choices, they come in many different colours from beige, pink, blue and black and white. Just check out the website to see all the available colours. 

This top screams Takawira all over, only because I have a green playsuit similar from Topshop's last summer collection. The cross bow is so cute and I'm a sucker for, a red and black top you can't really go wrong can you. 

I saw this and I thought the price was amazing and it looks so cute on, perfect for your by the pool casual look with some gladiator sandals. 

Now this suit is the one for me, after seeing it in the store and then again last week I saw my favorite fashionista wearing it Jessie J I just knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. You guys might think I'm crazy but I'm seriously in love with this suit. You don't have to wear them together (But you know I will).

The slim leg crop trousers are flattering and guess what I can actually get my hips that don't lie and bum in these. I'm sure you'll be soon seeing me doing a post of me in this suit.

I'm a sucker for aztec, I think it's such a beautiful print and if you don't like it ladies don't worry you don't have to wear it as it's not for everyone. 

When I saw this in the store I ran to it as I believe it was calling my name and I went running. With matching trousers this bomber jacket is a piece that I feel most people would say it will only last a year (preferably this season/year) but you know what after thinking about it, I personally don't wear clothes for them to last one year, I try buy timeless investment pieces that time and time again will come out of my wardrobe  say hello and make a statement.

So there you have it my crazy, loud and printed garments for the Spring/Summer, these items aren't for everyone, just let me know what you guys think as I love hearing feedback and getting your opinions. What will you guys be wearing this summer?

Lady T XxX

Let's get ready for the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards)

Last year Mila Kunis took my breath away looking stunning in a dress by the late and very talented British designer Alexandra McQueen. So what does the SAG red carpet hold this year? What most people don't understand is although the carpet is the same colour at every award show, it's the fashion that walks on that carpet which is what stands out from other award shows like the MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MOBO's, The Brits etc. When it comes to this time of the year every award show is different, I find the Golden Globes is what kicks us into overdrive for the award season giving us a sneak preview of what's to come on the carpet for the next award shows. Live from the red carpet starts tonight at 10pm GMT time on Sky channel 151, I'll be watching the stars work the red carpet. I'm hoping to see some bright colours, bold prints and lots of glamor. Bring it on ladies and gentlemen. 

19 hours ago the men and women including Jerry Maguire's Ragina King are working hard to get that red carpet right for the stars

Lady T XxX 

Clothes, a little lipstick & more clothes

Clothes, clothes, clothes galore, isn't this every girls dream to go to a friends wardrobe and try on clothes, well that's exactly what I did. Getting ready for the summer, updating the wardrobe and trying new styles is what it's all about. For me it's all about matching suits, maxi skirts, nudes, bright neon colours and of course crop tops (joining the gym this morning will finally pay off). 

Take a look at the colourful Topshop Boutique maxi skirt with a simple white crop top, this can be a simple by the pool casual look and in the evening we can change it up by wearing the matching open back crop top. I would like to thank Hannah Crosskey because this outfit wouldn't of happened if I wasn't inspired by her, so thank you so much Hannah.

I'm also really really obsessed with short suits, they are so classy, sexy and can complement most shapes if it's done correctly. This nude suit and cute Chanel style padded backpack all courtesy of Topshop is where it's at. Adding a little colour with mint green sunglasses from Primark adds a little but subtle kick to the suit.                          

I'm not a huge fan of lipstick only because I think my lips are huge and I feel the lipstick makes them bigger and drawers more attention to them. (I'll get over it). This beautiful lipstick I'm now in love with thanks to Chantelle is by Sleek. High in pigment which is enriched with vitamin E left my lips soft and obviously bright. Would I definitely use Sleek again "HELL YEAH"!!!

 The A Team

Dominique - the gremlin with all the ideas 

                       Matt Le Blonc - Music and providing jokes 

I would like to thank the crazy guys above for their hard work and effort, without them, I wouldn't of been able to do this post, all clothes are courtesy of Chantelle's amazing wardrobe apart from the Topshop Boutique maxi skirt, matching top and white crop top (thats all mine).

Lady T XxX

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Thank you

Just a little post to say to the followers and the readers thank you all so much for your support and kind words. Since I started this blog up again, the response I've been getting has been amazing and very heart warming, whether it's my friends telling me, emails from the followers and readers or even from my youtube channel videos, I really feel this blog is worth while and very rewarding. Trust me guys, this blog is here to stay.

Lady T XxX  

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Talons, claws, Freddy Krueger, I like to call them my nails

Yes before you ask they are real, anyone who knows me always tells me my nails are so strong and they ask me what's my secret. To be honest I don't really have one apart from, diet is key, store your nail varnishes in the fridge or a cool dry place and when you file your nails always file in one direction and NEVER back and forth (this damages the nail much more by causing splits). I'm going to start introducing you to my nail varnish collection and I'll paint my nails and show you the products I use along with the different colours, brands and how I keep my nails in good shape. I'm looking forward to these nail pots and I hope you are to.

Courtesy of Wah Nails
The first time I went Wah I was so excited and thought I had to choose a simple design with loud colours and here we have it, the bright leopard print with a hint of green and red. I got many compliments on these nails and I look forward to going there more often and letting the Wah girls paint more fun designs. I'd like to thank Jess from Wah nails in the Topshop Stratford store, she painted these and I was so pleased with them. I think I scared her the first time I sat down and showed her my nails, but the outcome was worth it, right Jess? :-). The women at the nail salon are so talented and are true artists, if you ladies or gents ever get a chance head over to Wah inside Topshop Stratford or drop down to the Dalston salon and give yourself a nice treat.

Lady T XxX

Face lift

Afternoon guys,

I've been thinking today of ideas I must add to this blog, there are so many things I have bouncing around in my head I now just need to put them in motion and start actually doing it. I'm inspired by so many different blogs but I need to make my blog my own and no one else's, each blog is different and stands out from one another, I'm not going to force the situation, I'll just let it come naturally to me and take it from there, hear some of my ideas below and see what you think and guys your input is always taken on board, so feel free to email me or send me a tweet.

1. First of all I need to change the way my blog looks, I thinking just to add a little more colour,
2. I also need to add outfit of the day or week, whether it's my outfit,  my friends or the sexy people I work with, I must start taking photos and showing the world
3. I'll still carry on my celebrity style as I enjoy doing posts on that
4. I'll also start doing posts on nail varnishes, the quality and it's colours, if you don't already know I have the longest nails known to man why you ask? Well it's because they are real, I'll upload some photos and you'll see what I mean.

Only a couple of ideas so far, if I think of any more I'll share them with you.

Lady T XxX

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lights, Camera, Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes No.3 the best dressed

Here it is ladies and gents it's time for the best dressed. The beautiful women and their stunning outfits I've chosen are all completely different from one another, from metallics, nude and a colour pop. Enjoy. 
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of Just Jared, I did not take these photos).

Lea Michelle 

Miss Lea Michelle is one to watch out for on the fashion scene, I've reviewed her style before "Celebrity style: Lea Michelle" and you can see why, as she is becoming a pro at these award shows. In this Marchesa gown lea looks so glamorous in this statement piece, the silver metallic looks gorgeous on her skin and with her hair pulled back with a slight quiff it works so well. I love the fact there is flesh showing but not too much, this gives me even more reason to place Lea 3rd in my top 3 for best dressed. 

Angelina Jolie 

Well well well, what can I say? Apart from the fact that Jolie never seems to disappoint me on the red carpet, last year she came 1st place for me in her emerald green number but this year she is 2nd. Jolie is so beautiful is this Atelier Versace gown, one word for her is: Glamazon. This ivory satin gown looks divine on her body and the pop of red on the neckline of her dress, lips and clutch is simply attention to detail. Angelina I place you 2nd this year on my best dressed.

Charlize Theron 

Dior dress + Cartier jewellery / Givenchy shoes = Charlize Theron stunning!!!
My South African sister looks effortless in this light pink gown and the reason why she's number 1 on my best dressed list is because she makes this look so easy. Many women on the red carpet only show there arms, cleavage or if your lucky their backs and without a doubt they always go for a maxi gown. I feel most women on the carpet are always scared to show a bit of leg, but Charlize has mixed it up by keeping it subtle by showing leg but not too much, the plunging v-neck is sexy but still classy, keeping the make-up very fresh and to a minimal is how you work a red carpet. Well done Charlize, your my best dressed for the 2012 Golden Globes.

Lady T XxX

Lights, Camera, Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes No.2 the men (the man)

Usually I choose 3 men and talk about their tuxedo's or suit's, however, at this years Golden Globes only one man stood out for me and his name is... Mr bradley Cooper. I'm not saying every other man didn't stand out or make an effort (although Adam Lavine was very close behind), but seriously ladies and gentleman this perfection personified!!! 
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of Just Jared, I did not take these photos).

Bradley Cooper 
Tom Ford always gets it right and it shows on Bradley. This for me are the 3 S's
Slick, Simple and Sexy!!! The darker hair and the moustache really works for Bradley. 

Lady T XxX

Lights, Camera, Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes No.1 the risk takers

I love these ladies, and why I love them is because there are no limits when it comes to the red carpet. Nicole Kidman surprised me (in a good way) the women has a beautiful figure for her age (44) and it shows in this figure hugging detailed dress, I think the studs on the dress give away who the talented designer is, let's just put it this way H&M loved her & so did Nicole. Sarah Michelle Gellar who's had an amazing 2011 with her hit series "Ringer", on the red carpet her dress can only be described in two words: theatrical and loud. And lets not forget Tilda Swinton who looks like an beautiful ice queen with her platinum blonde hair, there's always someone that goes down the route of wearing a suit type gown on the carpet and I'm glad it was Tilda, as she's the only women who could of pulled this of. Sometimes it's not what you wear it's the women that's wearing it. 
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of Just Jared, I did not take these photos).

Nicole Kidman 

Nicole in Versace has taken a rocker influence by her husband keith Urban. The studs add an element of glam to the dress.

 Sarah Michelle Gellar

This Monique Lhuillier  gown is one not to be ignored and I'm sure it wasn't on the red carpet. Sarah looks comfortable and confident and that's enough to convince me, whether you love the ink blot print or not, it's a dress that you don't forget and that's what these ladies do, make you not forget the risk they took on the red carpet.

 Tilda Swinton 

The 51 year old actress gives the young ladies a run for the money why? Because she looks so confident in this lilac jacket and skirt by Haider Ackermann

Lady T XxX

Lights, Camera, Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes

Right guys if you know me, you how much I adore, love and just cant get enough of the award shows that take place in January and February. I'm totally on cloud 9 right now, as it's one of my favourite times of the year, because there are so many ceremonies that take place. Whether it's the Grammy awards, BAFTA's or Golden Globes (which took place Sunday on night)  you can always count on Lady T getting a front row seat at home and finding out who wore what on the red carpet as well as who won what award. So like last year I've narrowed it down into 3 categories: No.1 the risk takers (my favourite), No.2 the men and of course No.3 the best dressed. 

On the Golden Globe red carpet this year we saw a lot of light blues, metallics and nude (with a hint of bright red and yellow thrown into the mix). Check out the ladies that didn't make it on my list but I believed rocked the red carpet in their own way.
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of Just Jared, I did not take these photos).

Emma Stone 
Looking like a warrior princess with these embroidered shoulder pads but very elegant in this custom-made raspberry mixed with plum Lanvin gown. 

 Kelly Osbourne
"True blue Kelly Zac Posen loves you"  with a Judith Leiber  clutch and Vhernier jewellery. I love Kelly in this gown and with her silver/lilac hair I think it complements the dress. Let's give it up for the British fashionista who also co presents Fashion Police

 Reese Witherspoon
The blonde beauty was the lady in red in Zac Posen.

Lady T XxX 

Red head!!!

So my last post before I went M.I.A on you all was about me dying my hair red and I never showed you guys any photos, lets just say I don't regret it and I really miss it. The colour was perfect for summer and who knows I may go down that road again. But right now I'm back to black. For more information on what products I used just go to my last post called "Let's do this".

Lady T XxX

Long time no blog (Happy New Year & Merry Christmas)

Well guys what can I say apart from I'm so sorry for not blogging for 6 months (yes it's been that long), I stopped in the summer as I got a new job and ever since then it's been non-stop busy, busy, busy. But I now promise to you guys and to myself to blog on my days off at least twice a week and if I can do more than that's even better. I'm really enjoying work and people that come with it are amazing, I've met some amazing funny characters who definitely make my day at work very interesting to say the least. I'm sure you'll get to know my friends I work with not my work employees as I've decided to make a few changes to my blog and there will be many surprises in store. I feel like my blog needs and new lift and needs to change around just a little bit.

Did you all have a nice christmas? Mine was beautiful as I spent in Sweden with the family and that's how it should be done. It's 2012 so I'm sure a lot of you have made resolutions that you never stick to or give up at the end of the month or find some silly excuse for you not to do it. But if you do stick to them, well done and keep it up!!!

Anyway, it's great to be back, I miss writing these posts and I hope you guys enjoy reading them. I'll see you very soon

Lady T XxX