Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bloggers making KONY famous

 5th March saw Youtube bring a video that couldn't possibly ignored. If don't already know who KONY is watch the youtube video below. KONY is a film campaign by the Invisible Children which plans to make Joseph Kony famous, KONY is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). Your probably wondering why should we make this war criminal famous, if you watch the video it will explain all. The video is 29 minutes long but it's 29 minutes that you won't forget. Ever since I watched the video I've been inspired, moved and my eyes have now been widely open. Take a look below of the little things I have done that will help the campaign www.kony2012.com

I wanted to do this post because I believe we as bloggers both upcoming and famous can help, by making more and more people aware of the invisible children. We all have a voice, so we need to use it. Every individual can help in a huge way, go online and get the kit, although the kit has been put on hold because of high demand sales you can download the kit. 

KONY 2012 on my iPhone screen lock

A promise to myself that everyday I'll post a KONY2012 photo on my Instgram App and attach @makeknoyfamousnow to each photo

KONY 2012 on my desktop 

Lady T XxX

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