Thursday, 30 December 2010

Summer/Spring 2011 Topshop

Hello guys, how are we all? As I sit here and write this new post I'm listening to the very talented Hadleigh Ford who can sing anything and make it sound so beautiful. Check out his website and watch some of his videos and listen to his music. (My favourite song of his is Hardy's Lamet) Hadleigh performs every Tuesday evening at Edge in Romford, I'm a huge fan so you can always find me and my friends there every Tuesday melting away to his beautiful voice and listening to his written and composed music and some cool covers. Keep up the amazing work Hadleigh.

Ok let's talk fashion, Topshop have just announced on their website the first look for Spring/Summer 2011, December is not even over and were already looking at Summer clothes, I love it. So what do we have to look out for ladies? Take a look at the Spring/Summer collection and make up your own mind:

Topshop are calling this look "Homespun Handiwork". Full of beautiful detailing and delicate designs this look is all about the sexy lace both daytime and evening, crochet and cut-outs, handy in the summer when your clothes need to breath on those hot days (which we get a lot of here in England lol). So girls this means layering up. 

Here we have Topshop's "Print Overload" (My personal favourite). When it comes to prints I've narrowed it down to three types, 1) crazy eyes, these are the prints that make you dizzy but are really cool, 2) big and bold, the prints that get you noticed and say something about your personality and last but not least 3) low key but detailed prints, these are the prints that tell a story. When you think of prints the 70's seem to pop in mind with it's crazy graphics, playful polka dots and statement bold prints, a true fashionista would wear these all at once and get away with it. Prints are loads of fun so don't be afraid to experiment.

"Earthy Stones", what I love about this look is it's all natural, the colours from the ground, to the trees and sky, how we see this beautiful world we live in. There are lots of beautiful jewels on the Topshop website so have a look, I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy. 

"Colour Pop" when it comes to colour I'm the queen of colour. look inside my wardrobe and you'll find more colour there than you will at M&M's world in Times Square New York City. (And that's a fact). Spring/Summer time to me is all about bright, bold and playful colours, don't be afraid of it, I always find when it comes to clothes colour is my best friend rather than the safe option of black. Don't get me wrong I love black on clothes (who doesn't) but a splash of colour never hurt anyone.    

Waterfall Calf Length Skirt £40                        Premium Solstice Maxi Skirt £45

"The Midi Skirt" is the new hip skimming pleated skirts, so ladies if your anything like me and your hips don't lie, this skirt is a god send. If your curvy, choose finer pleats - they give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Always keeping the skirt at the calf length and wear tops tucked in to show off the the shape of the skirt and to define your waistline, these skirts are to show-off your ankles and your waist. Great with light crochet blouse.

MOTO Camel Flare Jeans £42                        MOTO Berry Kick Flare Jeans £42

And last but not least it's "The Kick Flare". The kick flare will kick us back into the 60's and 70's when they where called Bell-bottoms and then came back in the early 1990's as boot-cuts and flared trousers/jeans. I love the kick flare as it's all about the folk rocker feel, add a bold print top, and this years must have shoe the wedge heel and your good to go.

So ladies will you be on trend in Spring/Summer 2011? With so many looks to choose from how can you not ? :-)

Lady T XxX

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