Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve, bring on 2011

With less than 9 hours to go until the big count down I'm sure every single one of you will be be looking fly tonight. 2010 for me has been a interesting year, after 3 long years I left a job with fantastic people who have become some of my closest & dearest friends, I've made some new friends that I'm very thankful for and some unexpected friendships have arisen, I feel very lucky to have a great group of friends that I love very much.  I had a break from work (which was amazing) and then I found a job that I really enjoy and I'm really good at (so I've been told). 

So what will 2011 bring for me? I plan on doing a number of things but the main thing I will concentrate on in 2011 is doing things that make me happy. I always find in life people always seem to do things for other people and to make other people comfortable (I do it all the time) and I always think to myself that's great but what about what you want? So I guess 2011 is going to be a selfish year for me and you know what I don't think that's a bad thing. So bring on 2011, I'll be a leader not a follower who will march to the beat of my own drum, love life & live it to the fullest, need I say more?

Lady T XxX

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