Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lights, Camera, Fashion: 2012 Grammys No.3 The Best Dressed

"Oh na na were rolling in the deep". I'm sure you've guessed who my final ladies are. Only two women made my heart skip a beat on the red carpet and your about to see why. I know they are both wearing black, but if you want a few tips on wearing black then keep reading this post. Your about to see how to show a lot of skin and also how to show not that much skin at all but still look sex, beautiful and glamorous. (All photos in this post are courtesy of Just Jared I did not take these photos).


This black sexy silk custom gown by Giorgio Armani fits Ri Ri like a glove, if you do a plunging neckline and a very high slit, this is how you do it. And lets not forget the open dramatic back, just incase there wasn't enough skin. The dress was a collaboration by Rihanna herself and of course Mr. Armani. When getting interviewed on the carpet by Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna said  "I wanted something a little bit Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface; simple but sexy a gangster at the same time". I place you 2nd Rihannah.


No.1 best dressed had to go to my girl Adele. Of course with a little help from the same designer as above Giorgio Armani, Adele looks radiant, confident and very beautiful. Covered in black sequinned ring designs with a black mesh overlay she couldn't be more classy. After winning 7 Grammys on Sunday evening Adele not only draws us in with her music but also her fashion as well. Well done.

Lady T XxX

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