Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blogging from my iPhone4

Hello guys how are we all? Today for the first time ever I'm blogging from my trusty iPhone4. Although I love blogging from my desktop, I've been trying to find an app for either my iPhone or iPad where I can blog on the move and guess what ladies and gentlemen I think I have found the perfect app to do so. Blogbooster, this app is great as it holds the same features as the blogger website. You can add photos from your photo library or instantly take a photo and post it straight on your blog. Your able to type landscape or portrait depending on personal preference, oh and did I mention the app is FREE. Writing your posts has never been more easier and once posted looks no different from those posts written on your computer.

It works with the following:
- Blogger (Blogspot)
- Tumblr
- Wordpress
- Wordpress Hosted
- Typepad
- Joomla
- Windows live spaces

So pretty much the most used and popular blog websites, very impressive. Your able to change the colour, font and size at the tap of your finger and don't worry if you get a call or tap on the home button there is a little thing called auto-save. With auto-save it automatically saves what you were doing right up until the time of the call (pretty self explanatory).

It's a very simple and straight forward application, just sit down for an hour and learn all the basics, trust me you'll be a pro in no time. There is a built in spell check and you can have many blogging accounts. The version I downloaded was the free version, however, there is also Blogbooster for £1.79 which isn't breaking the bank especially if your going to blog everyday. It's pretty much the same with a few extra features. I've been very happy with this app and I looking forward to blogging on the move.

Lady T XxX

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