Monday, 7 February 2011


Thursday night's Vogue event at the Apple store in Covent Garden was a great success, brilliant turn out and many bloggers, people in the fashion industry and tech junkies turned up (a beautiful mix of individuals if you ask me). Both Disneyrollergirl and creative director of Vogue Robin Derrick had an interesting topic to discuss. The discussion looked at how technology is forever changing and moving very fast to the point it's hard to keep up with but somehow as a society we manage to keep with just fine. Both Disneyrollergirl and Robin share their thoughts on the evolution and what the future may hold.

The idea of launching Vogue on the iPad came into Robin's mind before the iPad even came into place (now that is what you call total genius don't you think? I mean who comes up with an idea before the actual product come into place, ladies and gents I'm getting my thinking cap on). Robin discusses the collision between technology and communication and how it's evolved increasingly, we looked at how the Gerogeio Armani campaign (which he worked on with both Victoria and David Beckham) leaps from page to become cinema.

The event will be available to download on itunes so if anyone did miss out I'll let you guys know when it's up.

Outside Apple Covent Garden

For those who didn't make it last night, this event will be available to download from iTunes

iPhones, iPod touches, Blackberry's and notepads at the ready

This was at 6pm and by 6.30pm it was double this and follow her on twitter: @disneyrollergirl

On stage Robin Derrick and disneyrollergirl

Lady T XxX

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