Sunday, 29 January 2012

River Island - I'm obsessed (no seriously, I'm obsessed)

Stripes, bright colours, bold prints, heels, flowers, aztec and those Versace style looks I just can't get enough of. I had to share this post with you because this week I've been River Island at least 4 times and every time I go I seem to fall in love with it more and more. The prices are decent and the quality is great for what your paying for. So what have I chosen your thinking? Well if you know me, you know I love an outfit than can make a statement (And why the hell not?!?!) as life is too short for boring clothes. Whether I'm casually walking down the beach in Santa Monica, getting ready for a night out in Times Square or just going out to the Sugar Hut, there is an outfit for every occasion from what I've selected. Here are a lot of items not a few lol of what I'm loving in River Island, let me know what you think my sexy fashionista's.
(All the photos in this post are courtesy of River Island, I did not take these photos, they are from the website).

I think these heels are so beautiful, I don't have any white heels and what I love about them is they are classy but funky at the same time. A MUST HAVE on my shoe list. 

These are an essential for my summer wardrobe. Love the colour, the price and wedge shoes are very comfortable.

When I saw these jeans only one women came to mind... Rihannah in her "Rude boy" video. I love the statement print as you can just put a simple top and jacket because there is a lot going on, on your bottom half. A pair of sexy black heels or for a more casual comfortable look your simple pumps or converse, it's your choice ladies, but wherever you go, you'll be sure to turning some heads.

Stripes galore, I just can't get enough, no matter what colour I want and I want them now. You can call me Beetlejuice if you want and that's cool, but I just love how they look if they are done right. Keeping it black and white is keeping it clean and classy. Don't be afraid ladies, remember vertical stripes will make you look longer and streamline skinny.

As I was saying I love stripes or have you forgotten already. These cool and very trendy skinny jeans are perfect for a festival in the summer and don't worry if your not as daring as I am with my colour choices, they come in many different colours from beige, pink, blue and black and white. Just check out the website to see all the available colours. 

This top screams Takawira all over, only because I have a green playsuit similar from Topshop's last summer collection. The cross bow is so cute and I'm a sucker for, a red and black top you can't really go wrong can you. 

I saw this and I thought the price was amazing and it looks so cute on, perfect for your by the pool casual look with some gladiator sandals. 

Now this suit is the one for me, after seeing it in the store and then again last week I saw my favorite fashionista wearing it Jessie J I just knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. You guys might think I'm crazy but I'm seriously in love with this suit. You don't have to wear them together (But you know I will).

The slim leg crop trousers are flattering and guess what I can actually get my hips that don't lie and bum in these. I'm sure you'll be soon seeing me doing a post of me in this suit.

I'm a sucker for aztec, I think it's such a beautiful print and if you don't like it ladies don't worry you don't have to wear it as it's not for everyone. 

When I saw this in the store I ran to it as I believe it was calling my name and I went running. With matching trousers this bomber jacket is a piece that I feel most people would say it will only last a year (preferably this season/year) but you know what after thinking about it, I personally don't wear clothes for them to last one year, I try buy timeless investment pieces that time and time again will come out of my wardrobe  say hello and make a statement.

So there you have it my crazy, loud and printed garments for the Spring/Summer, these items aren't for everyone, just let me know what you guys think as I love hearing feedback and getting your opinions. What will you guys be wearing this summer?

Lady T XxX

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  1. literally in love with everything on this list. especially those striped jeans/jacket, the geometric jeans and that scarf print playsuit. ahhh! temptation! i love that floral blazer with matching trousers too.