Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Face lift

Afternoon guys,

I've been thinking today of ideas I must add to this blog, there are so many things I have bouncing around in my head I now just need to put them in motion and start actually doing it. I'm inspired by so many different blogs but I need to make my blog my own and no one else's, each blog is different and stands out from one another, I'm not going to force the situation, I'll just let it come naturally to me and take it from there, hear some of my ideas below and see what you think and guys your input is always taken on board, so feel free to email me or send me a tweet.

1. First of all I need to change the way my blog looks, I thinking just to add a little more colour,
2. I also need to add outfit of the day or week, whether it's my outfit,  my friends or the sexy people I work with, I must start taking photos and showing the world
3. I'll still carry on my celebrity style as I enjoy doing posts on that
4. I'll also start doing posts on nail varnishes, the quality and it's colours, if you don't already know I have the longest nails known to man why you ask? Well it's because they are real, I'll upload some photos and you'll see what I mean.

Only a couple of ideas so far, if I think of any more I'll share them with you.

Lady T XxX

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