Sunday, 29 January 2012

Clothes, a little lipstick & more clothes

Clothes, clothes, clothes galore, isn't this every girls dream to go to a friends wardrobe and try on clothes, well that's exactly what I did. Getting ready for the summer, updating the wardrobe and trying new styles is what it's all about. For me it's all about matching suits, maxi skirts, nudes, bright neon colours and of course crop tops (joining the gym this morning will finally pay off). 

Take a look at the colourful Topshop Boutique maxi skirt with a simple white crop top, this can be a simple by the pool casual look and in the evening we can change it up by wearing the matching open back crop top. I would like to thank Hannah Crosskey because this outfit wouldn't of happened if I wasn't inspired by her, so thank you so much Hannah.

I'm also really really obsessed with short suits, they are so classy, sexy and can complement most shapes if it's done correctly. This nude suit and cute Chanel style padded backpack all courtesy of Topshop is where it's at. Adding a little colour with mint green sunglasses from Primark adds a little but subtle kick to the suit.                          

I'm not a huge fan of lipstick only because I think my lips are huge and I feel the lipstick makes them bigger and drawers more attention to them. (I'll get over it). This beautiful lipstick I'm now in love with thanks to Chantelle is by Sleek. High in pigment which is enriched with vitamin E left my lips soft and obviously bright. Would I definitely use Sleek again "HELL YEAH"!!!

 The A Team

Dominique - the gremlin with all the ideas 

                       Matt Le Blonc - Music and providing jokes 

I would like to thank the crazy guys above for their hard work and effort, without them, I wouldn't of been able to do this post, all clothes are courtesy of Chantelle's amazing wardrobe apart from the Topshop Boutique maxi skirt, matching top and white crop top (thats all mine).

Lady T XxX

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