Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Talons, claws, Freddy Krueger, I like to call them my nails

Yes before you ask they are real, anyone who knows me always tells me my nails are so strong and they ask me what's my secret. To be honest I don't really have one apart from, diet is key, store your nail varnishes in the fridge or a cool dry place and when you file your nails always file in one direction and NEVER back and forth (this damages the nail much more by causing splits). I'm going to start introducing you to my nail varnish collection and I'll paint my nails and show you the products I use along with the different colours, brands and how I keep my nails in good shape. I'm looking forward to these nail pots and I hope you are to.

Courtesy of Wah Nails
The first time I went Wah I was so excited and thought I had to choose a simple design with loud colours and here we have it, the bright leopard print with a hint of green and red. I got many compliments on these nails and I look forward to going there more often and letting the Wah girls paint more fun designs. I'd like to thank Jess from Wah nails in the Topshop Stratford store, she painted these and I was so pleased with them. I think I scared her the first time I sat down and showed her my nails, but the outcome was worth it, right Jess? :-). The women at the nail salon are so talented and are true artists, if you ladies or gents ever get a chance head over to Wah inside Topshop Stratford or drop down to the Dalston salon and give yourself a nice treat.

Lady T XxX

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