Thursday, 27 January 2011

Black Swan

After being blown away again last night at the cinema and seeing Darren Aronofsky's master piece for the 2nd time round, I have come to a conclusion that films like this don't come around very often. Something as sexy, compelling, gripping and dark as "Black Swan" is why I love movies period. After watching this movie I've fallen in love with movies all over again and I may have possibly found a new interest in the ballet. (It doesn't mean I'm getting my tights out, but I appreciate it more).

After watching this movie I've learnt that "No ones perfect, so you might as well lose yourself"

The costume collaboration by internationally renowned fashion designers Rodarte and Yumiko come together very strong in this movie, when it comes to the beautiful  Rodarte ballet costumes you simply cannot ignore the delicate detail and their incorporation with Swarovski crystals. Using the crystals becomes this dynamic within the costumes to create a mood and certain illusions, I love how the movie isn't approached as a "fashion montage" it's all about creating an emotion and feeling with the costumes on screen. Below are a couple of behind the scenes stills from the set of the movie.

Here we see Nina Sayers played by Natalie Portman as the beautiful innocent, sweet and angelic white swan

The black swan, Nina's sexy, free, seductive and very dark alter ego

(KAS, T (Y) OOM) N.
A set of clothes worn by an actor or other perfomer for a particular role or by someone attending a masquerade.

Have a look at this video and see what goes into understanding the costume design in Black Swan

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