Monday, 31 January 2011

Lady GaGa Extreme Style Review

Hi guys, I hope your all well and had a pleasant weekend, so were at the end of January now and what a long month it's been from christmas to now. As I said in my last fashion/style book review at the end of each month I'll be reviewing a book and today is the day of "Lady GaGa Extreme Style" by Lizzy Goodman. This book was a christmas present by a dear friend who knows how much I adore and admire Lady GaGa's creativeness, music and of course fashion. The retro book is bold, bright, colourful and delivers everything you need to know about GaGa and her free artistic sense of style.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germontta the New York born singer was a musical prodigy, from the age of 4 she learned the piano and wrote her first song at the age of 11. With 2 Grammy's under her designer belt and a sold out Monster Ball tour the global phenomenon is one of the most powerful female artists in the world, but just like every girl she loves to dress up and she loves fashion. The book takes an in-depth look at GaGa's eye catching leotards, fashionably impractical heels and the cool asymmetrical dresses.

Lady GaGa has exploded onto the international fashion scene and she has left her stamp all over it, It seems like this pop icons fashion is in line with her music. Lizzy Goodman is a music and fashion writer for Elle, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone. I definitely think it was a good idea for Lizzy to write this book as she seems to appreciate and understand GaGa but also speaks out loud. GaGa has reached a totally new level of "living the fame" her outfits often cause controversy but are never be ignored. 

With over 120 colourful and a few black and white images this book explores the many faces of Lady GaGa. You learn that GaGa is inspired by many things such as photography, art, Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones  but she is especially inspired by her home town New York City where she was born.

GaGa believes clothing all comes down to sexual freedom for women, it's more about shapes and colours than it is about trends for her. The book looks at everything from her tattoos, sunglasses to her blonde ambition and being the all American unique girl. Let's not forget fashion isn't all about clothes the beautiful illustrated chapters cover make-up, hair, nail art, shoes, accessories and tattoos which all play a part in the "Haus of GaGa". Lady GaGa describes The Haus of GaGa as her behind-the-scenes creative team. The Haus is inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory where everything was a collective art form.

GaGa doesn't want to be seen as a celebrity but an artist who wants to share her love and passion of music and fashion. If you think we've seen it all think again, there is still so much more this artist has to offer and she is not going to give up until she dies. "If I could die anywhere, I would die on stage in front of my fans doing something I love" said GaGa when I went to see her live in May 2010, I was blown away by her Monster Ball show, here are a couple of pictures from the concert. 

Lady GaGa - Just Dance 

Monster Ball stage 

Lady GaGa - So Happy I Could Die

This is a great read and it kept me wanting more after every page turn. Anyone who is a GaGa fan would love this and anyone who wants to understand GaGa in more depth would appreciate it, packed with beautiful photographs and filled with quotes from the style icon herself, Lady GaGa Extreme Style is a book worth reading. 

Lady T XxX

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