Saturday, 1 January 2011

Celebrity Style: Jude Law

38 year old British actor Jude Law is definitely no stranger  to the spotlight. A classic Brit with his beautiful features, Jude Law is an international star with a reputation for style and being a fashion trendsetter. Because of his "pretty boy" good looks Jude Law knows to calm everything down when it comes to his clothes, his signature look has become a smart blazer with a pair of jeans and a smart trilby hat or knit cap, the casual look of not trying to hard. This why I love Jude Law because he doesn't try at all, his style is effortless, so boys if you look like this, be very thankful, this means you can put on jeans and a t-shirt and stop traffic. 

Black military boots, Dior Homme jeans, grey sweater, a black sexy velvet jacket and lets not forget those classic original Wayfarer Ray Ban sunglasses.   

I love this cool but smart look, skinny jeans with deep red buckled brogues and a suited look on top gives it a smart finish. This look kind of reminds me of the emo guys around Camden who dress very similar. 

The last outfit we see Jude wearing is probably my favourite of the 3, this is a pure example of his ability to mix the contemporary with classic. A tailored jacket with chalk-stripe detail worn over a black sweater and underneath the sweater a simple white t-shirt. Adding detail with this red and navy scarf is what I admire about Jude, so guys if you think an outfit is looking plain just add a trilby or a scarf to give it that sophistication.

Lady T XxX

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